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Azienda Vitivinicola Miriam Hermann Gaudio

Family business where the soil of each vineyard benefits from the greatest care. Flora and fauna are strictly respected. You are very welcome for a wine tasting. They personnally grow and vinify all their grapes. They offer you a choice of Merlot or Pinot noir, as well as sparkling wine made out of “Uva americana”, white wines or “Rosés”, “grappa” and “nocino”. They can also organize a private wine tasting for you.

Please, come and visit us! Beautiful nature and breath-taking landscapes, wines of excellent quality and wine tasting according to your wishes are waiting for you!

For trekking fans : you will discover the trails through the vineyards, up to the “Cassinòtt” offering a beautiful view, and along the local creeks (Acqua Ripensata).

Miriam is a qualified wine grower. She started her training in 2001 and successfully received her Certificate in 2005, working the following years with various firms in order to get more experience. She founded her own company in 2009.

The family run company offers wines obtained exclusively from the personally runned vineyards, which assures quality in the respect of the soil and prices accessible to all. 


Open daily by appointment
Max 35 Persons
Production of less than 15000 bottles…


Red wines:

Cassinot  - Merlot  Doc
Gaudio   -  Merlot  Doc
Pinea     -   Pinot nero  Doc 
Paktis    -   Chambourcin  IGT
Mareo  -     Assemblaggio Vdt

White wine:

Kimia    -    Bianca  IGT
Spumante di uva Americana-    Uva americana  IGT

Rosé wine:

Isabella –   uva americana  IGT  


The information on this site, concerning services or products is provided by external partners. This Information is liable to change frequently; for this reason Lugano Region cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies. Due to the ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic situation, we suggest that you check with the indicated contacts directly for possible activity restrictions.

  1. Contact

    Castello di Monteggio
    6996 Monteggio
    +41 91 600 03 40
    +41 76 454 33 32

  2. Opening

    Open all year
    Open all days
    By appointment

  3. How to arrive

    FLP Ponte Tresa Station, PostBus 429