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Azienda vitivinicola Andrea e Michael Weingartner

We are a small family run business in Astano. Our high quality wines are only produced from our own grapes and are vinificated and botteled in our own cellar.


Every day by appointment
Max 40 Persons
Production less than 10'000 bottles.


White wines:

Carissima, Bianco di Merlot DOC
Fortuna, Bianco del Ticino DOC

Red wines:

Visione, Merlot TI DOC
Amoroso, Merlot TI DOC
Insieme, Rosso del Ticino, DOC
Emozione, Merlot TI DOC


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  1. Contact

    Andrea e Michael Weingartner
    Tenuta Weingartner
    6999 Astano
    +41 91 600 00 34