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Il Forziere del vino

A space for your private event marked by fine wine and the discovery of local and international labels. Simone Ragusa, former winner of Switzerland's Best Sommelier, is the face that will welcome you in this small and intimate treasure chest, which contains over 500 different labels in a magical atmosphere.

With its local wines, the trues stars of the Forziere, and the great international names that broaden the horizons of the cellar, it is a place that is suitable for hosting tasting suppers, formative masterclasses or standing dinners accompanied by bottles. Do not miss the blind tastings, which are arranged ad hoc for small groups or by registration according to a seasonal calendar.


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    Il Forziere del vino
    Hotel Splendide Royal
    Riva Antonio Caccia 7
    6900 Lugano
    +41 91 985 77 11
    Fax +41 91 985 77 22

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