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Food & Wine Tours


Saturday Wine Cellar Visits & Beer Tastings

Enjoy a great start to the weekend by exploring the producers of the Lugano region.


Taste my Swiss City Lugano

True food and drink indulgence off the beaten track: discover the taste of Swiss cities by following recommendations from the locals.


Walking on Monte Lema under the moonlight

15.08 / 14.09 / 12.10.2019
Live a thrilling experience when night falls, a highly enjoyable evening on top of Monte Lema organised by Monte Lema SA with the participation of the Le Pleiadi Association.


Autumn Flavours in Lugano - City Tour (Free)

Autumn in the region of Lugano gives magic emotions…


Christmas is in the air – Lugano City Tour (Free)

A city that transforms itself and provides unforgettable experiences…


Food & Wine Tour Lugano

A guided tour through the historic center of Lugano during which you will make several stops to enjoy various specialties from Ticino and other cantons, including the delicious Merlot.


Urban Discovery & More

Discover the city strolling around and taste the local bier or a gelato or a local wine at your choice!


Cruise & Cook

During a charming cruise on lake Lugano, you will stop on the opposite shore to enjoy a drink on a terrace with a wonderful view of the city.


Seven Wonders - Tasting Experience

A journey of tastes and flavors on the banks of the Ceresio.
Discover meats, fish, cheeses and wines from the region.


Like in the 1800

Good food, play “bocce” and fun


Boat & Choc

Fun workshop where you will become maitre chocolatier!