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Restaurants Lugano - Gandria

Grotto Descanso

The Grotto Descanso is located in a wonderful position in the countryside, surrounded by a green and beautiful nature, at the Cantine di Gandria.
The guests can relax in the shade under the beautiful pergolas and pamper yourself with an enjoyable meal coming from fine Ticino cuisine and local wines during hot summer days.

The Grotto is only reachable by waterway, so you should call the hosts before visiting, so that a transport can be organized for your best comfort. At the Grotto Descanso are also hosted special events as marriages, birthdays, business or private parties and much more.

  1. Contact

    Cantine di Gandria
    6978 Gandria
    +41 91 922 80 71

  2. Associations and categories
    • GastroTicino
  3. Notes
    • boccia game
  4. Location
    • Lakeside
    • Close to the bus stop
    • Panoramic view
  5. Type of venue
    • Grotto
  6. Cuisine
    • Ticinese
  7. Venues
    • Wharf - mooring
    • Balcony