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Restaurants Lugano - Lugano

Grotto Grillo

The products are always carefully selected. The restaurant has traditional tavern-bistro décor and is always neat and clean to make its customers feel at ease.
The restaurant has a separate smoking room for 20 people and has A/C.
The dishes are simple and typical from Ticino, such as soup, gnocchi, risotto, kid, rabbit and Merlot. Excellent cured meats and cheeses.
  1. Contact
  2. Associations and categories
    • GastroTicino
  3. Notes
    • Griglia
  4. Location
    • On the hill
    • Quiet
  5. Type of venue
    • Grotto
    • Restaurant
  6. Cuisine
    • Italian
    • Ticinese
  7. Services
    • Main credit cards accepted
  8. Venues
    • Garden
    • Balcony
  9. Facilities
    • Air conditioning