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Wine cellars and breweries


Tenuta Arca Rubra

The Tenuta Arca Rubra of Matteo Huber is a master Wine producer in the region of Montagnola.


Tenuta Castello di Morcote

Tenuta Castello di Morcote extends over a vast promontory of 172 hectares surrounded by Lake Ceresio, south of Lugano.


Tenuta Larosa

Daldini-Vini, founded by Giacomo Daldini in 1884 is the full expression (with its productive choices) of the two faces of the Ticinese region: the traditional one, connected to the land and the industrious and innovative one, connected to the sunny northern Mediterranean.

Cassina d'Agno

Tenuta San Giorgio

Around 30,000 bottles of wine are currently produced every year at the San Giorgio Estate in Cassina d’Agno, just a few kilometres west of Lugano, under the watchful eye of Mike Rudolph. Wine production focuses primarily on Ticino's classic Merlot, but several other group varieties are also used.


Tenuta Tamborini Vallombrosa

At the Tamborini Castelrotto estate the vineyards have been cultivated for a hundred years. It is considered the historic firm par excellence and the cradle of the Ticino’s Merlot.


Werner Stucky Cantina del Portico

The Cantina Del Portico, located in 6802 Rivera (in the small village of Capidogno) was founded in 1981

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