• The artistic path
  • The artistic path
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  • The artistic path
  • The artistic path
  • The artistic path
  • The artistic path

The Artistic Path

Along this path the works of several different artists are on display.

The path joins the sculptures of several contemporary artists that have been placed here and there in the Park; periodically other sculptures are added. The path is attractive in any season whatsoever!

By visiting the park you’ll be overwhelmed by the unique natural and decorative characteristics of the surrounding environment, including the grassy meadows at the Park’s summit.

With its 62.000 sq. meters, the park has the largest and most varied collection of azaleas, rhododendrons and conifers of the entire Insubric Region.

Along this path the works of several different artists are on display:

1. Kurt Schwager – Seeds
2. Antonio Rodriguez – Totem
3. Giovanni Longoni – Mucca (razza di ferro)
4. Steff Lüthi – Torre 2002
5. Eftim Eftimovski – Figura 2000
6. Penelope Margaret Mackworth-Praed -Scolitantides orion chequered blue 2001
7. Dario Verda – Tardiva virilità
8. Gianfranco Rossi – Costrizione
9. Angelo Paparelli – senza titolo
10. Klaus W. Prior – Gleiche und gleichere
11. Milvia Quadrio – Rosso fuoco
12. Peter Fitze – Il suono della luce
13. Piermarco Bricchi – Dimensione-spazio agorà
14. Sibilla Altepost – Trinomio
15. Gianni Poretti – Storia MS 1a. 2001
16. Luca Minotti – Senza titolo
17. Angelo Paparelli – Reminescenza
18. Hanspeter Wespi – Oggetto e spazio

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    Locality: Carona
    Location: San Grato
    Altitude: 655-760 m
    Map: 1353

    PROSPECTUS IN THE FOLLOWING LANGUAGES: Italian - German - French – English

    Features of theme trail: artistic
    Physical effort: 1 (1 = easy, 0-300 m. / 2 = good, 300-600 m. / 3 = average, 600-900 m.)
    Technical effort: T1 (T1 = footpath / T2 = mountain hiking trail)
    Refreshments: yes (Ristorante San Grato / +41 91 649 70 21)
    Selling of typical local products: -

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