• Monte San Salvatore, Funicular
  • Monte San Salvatore, Funicular
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  • Monte San Salvatore
  • Monte San Salvatore
  • Monte San Salvatore, View
  • Monte San Salvatore, View


La Funicolare Monte San Salvatore

Just a few steps away from the bustling city, Monte San Salvatore rises majestically to the skies and gives you the opportunity to enjoy a moment of peace while facing the seemingly endless horizon.

Since 1890 la Funicolare Monte San Salvatore bring from Paradiso to paradise! Symbol of Lugano, also known as the Sugarloaf Mountain of Switzerland, Monte San Salvatore offers an interesting 360° view of the lake and the city of Lugano, but also of the Alpine peaks.

The funicular is located in Paradiso, 500 m from the motorway exit of Lugano Sud and 5 minutes from the Paradiso-Lugano railway station, and with a comfortable panoramic trip takes you to the top in just 12 minutes.
Monte San Salvatore not only offers stunning panoramic views, but also numberless trails for hikers, nature trails, the via ferrata, culture and gastronomy.


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  1. Contact

    Funicolare Monte San Salvatore
    Via delle Scuole 7
    6902 Paradiso
    +41 91 985 28 28
    Fax +41 91 985 28 29

  2. Notes

    Clean And Safe mountain railways and ski areas

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    Open all year
    Winter season 2022/23 (open on weekends and public holidays): 03.12.2022 – 05.03.2023
    Summer season (open every day): 11.03 – 05.11.2023
    Winter season 2023/24 (open on weekends and public holidays): 02.12.2023 – 07.01.2024

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