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Over 830 kilometres of trails criss-crossed Lugano Region. Diverse of them wind their way through ever-changing landscapes along fabulous routes, appealing and catering to all levels.

Though each one is different, what they have in common are the awe-inspiring views.

Technical and physical difficulties

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Sentiero Caprino-Cantine di Gandria

An excursion on a mountain trail that runs along the Lake of Lugano, at the slopes of Mount Caprino, in close contact with nature, where it’s possible to enjoy the attractiveness of both mountains and lake.

Length 4.5 km
Duration 1 h 20'
Height difference 177 m
Requirements medium
Conditions easy
Excursions - Tesserete - Origlio

Sentiero Lago di Origlio

An easy path in the Capriasca region, close to the city of Lugano. Recommended for those who want to escape from the chaos of the city and relax into nature. The Origlio lake is the ideal place to relax and have fun with friends.

Length 6 km
Duration 1 h 30'
Height difference 200 m
Requirements easy
Conditions easy
Excursions - Gandria - Monte Brè

Sentiero Monte Brè

This short route invites you to appreciate the beauty of the picturesque villages of Gandria and Brè, to enjoy the breathtaking view of the gulf of Lugano and to relax along a wonderful hiking path that pass through a pleasant wooded area.

Length 4 km
Duration 1 h 50'
Height difference 650 m
Requirements easy
Conditions medium
Excursions - Isone - Rivera

Cima di Medeglia Path

A pleasant hike in the middle of Ticino, close to Mount Ceneri, between Bellinzona and Lugano. The path reaches one of the most panoramic peaks of the region: you will have a breathtaking view of the surrounding area.

Length 13.28 km
Duration 4 h 30'
Height difference 680 m
Requirements medium
Conditions difficult
Excursions - Arosio - Breno - (Arosio)

The Chestnut Trail

A Thematic path crossing five villages in the Alto Malcantone region, passing through woodlands with chestnut trees, birches, creeks and fields. Moreover, one can admire the view of the various villages and glimpse a panorama reaching until Monte Rosa.

Length 9.5 km
Duration 2 h 55'
Height difference 444 m
Requirements easy
Conditions medium
Excursions - Arosio - Monte Ferraro - Passo d'Agario - Mugena

The alpine pasture Trail

If you like the idea of combining the discovery of ancient Alpine pastures with a 360° scenic landscape, the path linking Arosio to Mugena via Monte Ferraro and the Agario pass is just the ticket!

Length 17.3 km
Duration 5 h 50'
Height difference 1064 m
Requirements medium
Conditions difficult
Excursions - San Salvatore – Carona – Morcote

The Peninsula's Allure

This itinerary permits you to explore from North to South this charming peninsula on the outskirts of Lugano.

Length 9 km
Duration 2 h 50'
Height difference 257 m
Requirements medium
Conditions difficult
Excursions - Corticiasca – Monte Bar – Roveredo

The Scenic Trail

At a certain altitude along this trail, you’ll pass through a series of woods, meadows and alpine pastures; this long walk leads you to the discovery of a multi-faceted landscape that initially brings you to Mount Bar, the trek’s highest point, offering a 360° view over the entire region.

Length 11 km
Duration 4 h 30'
Height difference 852 m
Requirements medium
Conditions difficult

The Monte Tamaro - Monte Lema Hike

This pre-alpine crossing is one of the most renowned and astounding excursions in the Swiss Pre-Alps and is located in an area overlooking both Switzerland and Italy.

Length 12.8 km
Duration 4 h 50'
Height difference 963 m
Requirements medium
Conditions difficult
Excursions - Brè – Monte Boglia – Monte Brè

Imposing Mountains

The picturesque village of Brè, whose centre is characterised by an interesting artistic itinerary, is the starting point of this excursion.

Length 10.65 km
Duration 4 h 30'
Height difference 902 m
Requirements medium
Conditions difficult
Excursions - Bogno - San Lucio - Corticiasca

Toward Monte Bar

You’ll cross pretty hamlets, woods and alpages, where you’ll meet some rare Highland cattle. You’ll be treated to magnificent views and the great taste of local delicacies. The Monte Bar excursion offers a sunny and warm walk. If you think of Lugano and its valleys as an amphitheatre, Monte Bar is its most exclusive seat. It’s there to be enjoyed.

Length 16 km
Duration 5 h 25'
Height difference 934 m
Requirements medium
Conditions difficult
Excursions - Mezzovico – Pian Cusello – Sigirino

Wandering through the Woods

Following this itinerary, you are constantly in contact with nature, although every now and again you may
also come across man’s work.

Length 15.8 km
Duration 6 h 30'
Height difference 1369 m
Excursions - Tesserete - San Lucio - Brè - Tesserete

Scenic Trail

... a stunning, panoramic excursion (run) along ridges in the Lugano area through awe-inspiring landscapes offering unique vistas!

Length 54 km
Duration 18 h 30'
Height difference 3900 m
Requirements difficult
Conditions difficult
Excursions - Lugano (Monte Brè) - Tesserete

Lugano Trekking

Enchanting path surrounded by nature with extraordinary panorama!


Length 42 km
Duration 16 h 30'
Height difference 3100 m
Requirements medium
Conditions medium
Excursions - Lugano (Magliaso) – Mendrisio

Sentiero Lago di Lugano

Those who have hiked these stages know the Sottoceneri through and through: from the pre-Alpine mountains to the Mediterranean shores, from mountain huts to grottos surrounded by vineyards, the Sottoceneri presents itself in all its diversity.


Length 137 km
Duration 49 h
Height difference 8700 m
Requirements medium
Conditions difficult
Excursions - Basel – Chiasso


What would the Gotthard be without its access routes? The ViaGottardo reaches the central Alpine pass from Chiasso in the south, from Schaffhausen in the northeast and from Basel in the northwest of Switzerland. There are many traces of these transport links to discover along the way.

Switzerland: 20 stages / Ticino: 6 stages / Bellinzona – Lugano – Chiasso: 5 stages

Length 330 km
Duration 40 h
Height difference 11000 m
Requirements medium
Conditions difficult
Excursions - Porrentruy – Mendrisio

Trans Swiss Trail

The long-distance Trans Swiss Trail from Porrentruy to Mendrisio is one of the last great adventures in highly-developed Switzerland. A variety of landscapes, cultures and places of interest.

Switzerland: 32 stages / Ticino: 9 stages / Bellinzona – Lugano – Chiasso: 4 stages

Length 490 km
Duration 32 h
Height difference 18200 m
Requirements easy
Conditions medium
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