• Sentiero Lago di Origlio
  • Sentiero Lago di Origlio
  • Sentiero Lago di Origlio
  • Sentiero Lago di Origlio
  • Sentiero Lago di Origlio

Excursions - Tesserete - Origlio

Sentiero Lago di Origlio

An easy path in the Capriasca region, close to the city of Lugano. Recommended for those who want to escape from the chaos of the city and relax into nature. The Origlio lake is the ideal place to relax and have fun with friends.

This itinerary, most of which winds its way through the Capriasca woods, leads to enchanting Lake Origlio. Half way, in the heart of the forest, it is worthwhile to stop and visit the Redde Tower; here, the semi-buried ruins of the village by the same name and the oratory of San Clemente can still be found. You'll be charmed by the typical village of Origlio and the Church of San Giorgio that dominates the surrounding territory. But Origlio's precious jewel is represented by its lake, an authentic environmental pearl of exceptional naturalistic importance. 

6 km

Height difference

Tesserete–Origlio: 200 m
Origlio–Tesserete: 300 m
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Tesserete–Origlio: 1 h 30'
Origlio–Tesserete: 1 h 20'



  1. Notes
  2. Signalization
    From the village of Tesserete, follow the sign towards Vaglio - Sasso Scuro - Matro Rotondo - Carnago - Origlio.