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Excursions - Mezzovico – Pian Cusello – Sigirino

Wandering through the Woods

Following this itinerary, you are constantly in contact with nature, although every now and again you may also come across man’s work.

The enchantment of the mountain and of its typical woods is truly bewitching here. The Mounts of Mezzovico, with pasturelands and mountain houses, offer a pleasant
view towards the mountains to the East. The itinerary continues by climbing up the fascinating Cusello Valley. Once the steepest part of the excursion has been completed, you can abandon the trail to redescend to the plain, following an easy forest road, running into a couple of typical Alpine pastures along the way.
The tour can be shortened.

Brochure Hiking


15.8 km

Height difference

Mezzovico - Sigirino: 1369 m
Sigirino - Mezzovico: 1350 m


Mezzovico - Sigirino: 6 h 30'

  1. Notes

    Start locality: Mezzovico
    End locality: Sigirino

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