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Excursions - Tesserete - San Lucio - Brè - Tesserete

Scenic Trail

... a stunning, panoramic excursion (run) along ridges in the Lugano area through awe-inspiring landscapes offering unique vistas!

The route follows a logical line linking a number of ridges. It starts from Tesserete and goes  all the way to Monte Brè, above Lugano.

Long route: 54 km and 3900 height difference.

Outside race-day, those embarking on this excursion can shorten or interrupt it at several points, see the site which contains the official network of hiking trails which you can print free of charge.

An excursion which can be spread out over several days, staying overnight along the route at the places listed below, in order of arrival:
Agriturismo Alpe Zalto, 
Agriturismo Alpe Rompiago, 
Capanna Monte Bar, Capanna San Lucio/Rifugio San Lucio, Capanna Pairolo, Alpe Bolla.

The entire route is marked by fixed signage with yellow signs showing the event logo against a greenback background. In any case, for safety's sake we recommend taking the route map with you.

Scenic Trail route (54k)

It starts at Tesserete, a picturesque village near Lugano. It follows age-old paths leading to mountain settlements where people used to depend on raising animals, especially cows and goats. A Capuchin monastery dating back to 1535, farms, mountain huts and tiny mountain hamlets complete this idyllic image.
What is special about this panoramic route is that it faithfully follows the grassy ridiges marking the natural amphitheatre skirting the area. During the race, runners can always see the section they have already covered as well as the section which remains to be run. There is a spectacular difference between the landscape looking north towards Locarno and Bellinzona which is dominated by sharp, lofty peaks and the landscape in the other direction towards Lugano and Como Lakes and the rolling wooded hillsides.
In fact, thanks to these breathtaking vistas, the Scenic Trail has been judged by many expert runners as the most beautiful race in the circuit.

The official race is held once a year, further information on the site.


54 km

Height difference

Tesserete - San Lucio - Brè - Tesserete: 3900 m





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    Scenic Trail