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Excursions - Porrentruy – Mendrisio

Trans Swiss Trail

The long-distance Trans Swiss Trail from Porrentruy to Mendrisio is one of the last great adventures in highly-developed Switzerland. A variety of landscapes, cultures and places of interest. Switzerland: 32 stages / Ticino: 9 stages / Bellinzona – Lugano – Chiasso: 4 stages

Walk, free and easy, look, marvel and wonder what surprises wait around the next corner. Pace across a square, follow a country path and branch off again somewhere. As you walk, let your spirits soar and look forward to enjoyable encounters. Get to know a variety of landscapes, cultures and places of interest. Care about nothing but the next signpost. Find all this on the Trans Swiss Trail from Porrentruy to Mendrisio.

The long-distance trail leads from the Jura through the Seeland in the Bern region and on via Emmental and Entlebuch to the Sarnersee and Vierwaldstättersee. Along famous mule trails, it reaches the highest point of the Gotthard route and leads along the Strada Alta, high above the Leventina, into southern Switzerland. The Trans Swiss Trail has 32 stages and is 488 km long. The dense public transport network makes possible short cuts and use of rail, bus or boat. Stages are easily arranged with ample hotel accommodation on offer. The hike can be made in either direction.

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490 km

Height difference

Porrentruy – Mendrisio: 18200 m
Mendrisio – Porrentruy: 18300 m
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