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Panoramic Mountains Lifts

Discover the best scenic mountains in Lugano Region, using little railways, funiculars and cable cars.

Enjoy a natural paradise with amazing panoramic sights.


Monte San Salvatore

Just a few steps away from the bustling city, Monte San Salvatore rises majestically to the skies and gives you the opportunity to enjoy a moment of peace while facing the seemingly endless horizon.


Monte Brè

Appreciate the splendor of Monte Rosa, the Bernese and Vallese Alps as seen from the top of Switzerland's sunniest mountain.


Monte Tamaro

Mount Tamaro is one of the most appreciated spots of the region and supplies Alpine emotions at a stone’s throw from the city.


Monte Lema

Mount Lema is the most majestic summit of Italian Switzerland. Its natural green terrace overlooks the Southern valleys of Ticino, the Lake of Lugano, the Valleys of Luino and of Lake Maggiore.


Monte Generoso

Monte Generoso is situated in the heart of a nature park known beyond Switzerland’s borders.

Brusino Arsizio

Monte San Giorgio

This mountain has a truly rich inner life: rising just under 1100 m in height, the Monte San Giorgio in the sunny south of Ticino has been a Mecca for fossil scientists since the 19th century, and a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2003.

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