• Lake and nature, Parks in the Region


A green-heart Region.

Lugano and surroundings are distinguished by the variety of its many parks. Immersed in an urban setting or scattered as small secret places in the hills and on the shores of the lake, they tell stories of their creators: the travellers, patrons and intellectuals. A priceless heritage.


Giardino Belvedere

Belvedere garden is 11.000 sq.m of sheer delight in the heart of the frenzied city, offering the visitor an oasis of peace and beauty.


Parco Ciani

A short walk from the lively center of Lugano lies the Parco Ciani, a destination for many tourists who come there to admire what is considered one of the most beautiful Swiss parks.


Parco di Villa Heleneum

This small floral jewel, situated in Castagnola on the shores of Lake Lugano, reserves many surprises with its rich Mediterranean vegetation.


Parco di Villa Negroni

The park is characterized by the presence of two very different areas: an Italian style parterre and a vast area in English style.


Parco di Villa Saroli

The small botanical jewel with its wide range of flora is a typical example of sub-tropical vegetation.


Parco e sentiero dell'Olivo

Walk along the enchanting Olive-tree trail and you'll reach this typically Mediterranean park; it creates an appealing contrast with the splendid views of the lake and the mountains all around.


Parco San Grato

As soon as you enter these one-of-a-kind botanical gardens you’ll feel you're in an enchanted world where colors and scents make for a truly unforgettable experience.


Parco San Michele

The parc San Michele consists in a natural green area and with its typically southern vegetation offers one of the city’s most spectacular views.


Parco Scherrer

An extraordinary trip through time and space, where past and present, history and nature co-exist in perfect harmony.


Parco Tassino

Parco Tassino, a glorious haven of peace, is graced with lush vegetation thanks to its sundrenched position.


Parco Villa Florida

The romantic Parco Villa Florida reminds the flowey Liberty style and a way of life gone forever.