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Running – Muzzano – Viglio – Agno – Magliaso – Caslano – Monte Sassalto – Caslano


From the small lake of Muzzano to Monte Sassalto, via the lower Malcantone.

Starting at the small lake of Muzzano, the route runs towards Malcantone: after an initial stretch of dirt track, the route continues on the asphalt road to Viglio and then takes the hiking trail to the lake. After passing through a small wood on a dirt road you arrive at the mouth of the Vedeggio river, through the park on the lake at Agno the run then continues along the cycle/pedestrian path along the lakeshore to Magliaso and then along the lakeside promenade to Caslano. In the harbour area you take the hiking trail that goes around Monte Sassalto until reaching the Torrazza area, here you continue on a quiet asphalted road to the Caslano FLP station where it’s possible to return to Lugano with the train.


14.91 km

Height difference

Salita/Aufstieg/Ascension/Ascent: 130 m
Discesa/Abstieg/Descente/Descent: 190 m
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