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Theme Trails - Monte Lema – Alpe di Cima Pianca – Miglieglia

Sulla via degli Alpeggi: Monte Lema - Alpe di Cima Pianca

The Alpe di Cima Pianca, owned by the Patriciate of Novaggio, is located on the route Cielo e Terra, currently loaded with suckler cows from the region. On site you can visit the small Woodcutter Museum.

The trail take us from the summit of Monte Lema on the floor through the mountain pastures in a suggestive rural naturalistic landscape, rich in history and emotions between scents of rhododendrons and majestic beech woods, historical chestnut woods and old buildings as evidence of past labors.

You will be able to meet herds of cows, cows Scottish, herds of goats and horses grazing on colorful slopes, partly colonized in an almost intrusive way from the green alder in the upper part of the territory and from the broom and fern to the floor.

On reservation:

  • Visit of the Woodcutter's Museum
  • Possibility to have lunch (for groups of at least 10 people)

7.8 km

Height difference

Salita/Aufstieg/Ascension/Ascent: 74 m
Discesa/Abstieg/Descente/Descent: 928 m
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Monte Lema – Alpe di Cima Pianca – Miglieglia: 3 h



  1. Contact notes

    6986 Miglieglia (Svizzera)

    Tel. +41 (0)91 609 11 68

  2. Notes

    Possibility of guided tours by reservation:

    • In the area of ​​Alpe Agario Casermetta (Passo d'Agario) there is the possibility of a small refreshment with self-service drinks
    • The route nr. 5 can be extended via Arosio with a journey time of approx. 4 h and 30 min.
    • For some mountain pastures there is the possibility of lunch, by reservation, for groups of at least 10 people

    OPENING: 01.04.2019
    CLOSING: 03.11.2019

    Timetable spring: 08.45 -17: 15 from April to June
    Summer time: 08:15 to 17: 45 July and August
    Winter hours: 08: 45-17: 15 September until closing

    Usually the runs are every 30 minutes.
    In case of bad weather: runs every hour.