Lugano Region is the ideal destination for any kind of group program: incentives, teambuilding activities and social programs. A world of emotions are waiting for you, from culinary delights to unspoilt landscapes, from the knowledge of historical figures to the possibility of cultural and sport excursions.


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Luganese: the ideal place to enjoy freedom on two wheels.


Air-Dynamic SA

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Balloon Flights

As swift as the wind, our hot-air balloons travel through the invisible currents of the atmosphere giving you the opportunity to re-enact the flight adventures which the Montgolfier brothers began in 1783.


BBQ Boat

BBQ Boat where you can sizzle sausages over an open flame while floating in the water (what could go wrong?)


Bike & Cook


Bubble Football

Team builduing and group activity.


Carton Boat

Often a boat is allusively meant to describe the activity in a company. In fact, the winning team will be the one that knows how to plan efficiently and to pursue firmly its objectives.


Cheese Factory - Make your own cheese

Prepare some delicious cheese with your own hands. Starting from fresh milk you are followed in the procedure by a professional cheese maker (max. 15 people).


Cooking Experience

You have the opportunity to experience this unique cooking challenge and learning to work together while creating typical Ticinesi meals.


Corporate Orchestra

With the Corporate Orchestra method, participants are the protagonists of an experience always lived directly and actively, never in a passive way.


Cruise & Cook

During a charming cruise on lake Lugano, you will stop on the opposite shore to enjoy a drink on a terrace with a wonderful view of the city.


Discover Ticino by Smart

This program offers participants the opportunity to discover the beauties of the Lake Lugano region or of the entire canton of Ticino.


Evolution - Centro di Arrampicata

Ticino's first indoor sport climbing centre and one of the biggest in Switzerland.


Ex Cantine Lucchini - Enoteca di Via Cantonale

Situated in the historical walls of the Cantine Lucchini in Lugano-Pregassona, the new wine cellar and shop is the first structure that collects almost all the wine brands of Canton Ticino in a unique space.


FlyTicino – Paragliding tandem flights in Ticino

FlyTicino organizes wonderful tandem paragliding flights in Ticino!


Following the Trail of Hermann Hesse

The cemetery of the marvellous Church of St. Abbondio in Gentilino, where the worldwide famous writer/artist is buried, is the first stop of the foot tour, along which some tablets with Hesse’s texts have been set.


Foxtrail Lugano

This enthralling game is aimed at couples, families with children aged 8 and above, groups of friends or corporate excursions.


Grill at the Lake

Participants learn to work together, learn alternative and classic techniques for grilling meat, fish, cheese and vegetables. Each team will be followed by a trainer and the grillmaster will coordinate everything.


Group Excursion

Lugano is at the centre of a region which guarantees a wide range of excursions of all kinds in every season of the year.


Guided City Tour

Interesting guided walks through the city centre of Lugano offer visitors the opportunity to discover the traditional and cultural aspects of the city centre.


Guided Shopping Tour

The canton’s capital of trend and fashion offers great shopping opportunities and a wide range of quality products in fashion, jewelers and opticians. Via Nassa is one of Lugano’s historical streets - its particular and sophisticated shops will fascinate you during your shopping.


Heli Gourmet Tour

DO SOMETHING CRAZY, take your guests flying ...The Ticino as you have never seen it before … from above, flying over lakes, mountains, valleys, peaks and the ALPS.


Lake Cruise

Sailing under palm trees and clear skies around the Lake Lugano on both the Swiss and Italian territory could be a nice relaxing daily activity for everyone. From the lake you will be able to appreciate the region from a different perspective and enjoy the unique beauty of the scenery.


Lido Beach Evening

Sun, beach and water, moon and stars, dinner and music: these are the ingredients for a successful and unconventional private event in the Structure of the Lido di Lugano.


Lugano Photo Tour - Also for IPad and IPhone

Have you ever thought of discovering the territory and at the same time to improve your photo skills? Lugano Photo Tour is the opportunity!


Lugano Tour by Tourist Train

A wonderful tour of the city, onboard friendly tourist trains. The “Red Arrow” which travels along the lake gulf, in the city and its surroundings, will allow passengers to discover the beauties in the region of Lake Lugano.


Medieval Evening UNESCO Castles

In the three castles of Bellinzona, Castelgrande, Sasso Corbaro and Montebello it is possible to organize unique gala evenings in perfect medieval style.


Nostalgia Train

The train trip from Lugano/Mendrisio to Valmorea/Malnate in Italy (or other personalized itineraries) is more than a “nostalgia experience” aboard an old time train pulled by an antique steam engine.


Olympic Games

During summer or winter, indoors or outdoors, on land or in the water, this activity is a challenge for any kind of team building.


Photo Rally

This is a different way to visit and discover our beautiful region. The Photo Rally can be organized in the city centre, in a village, in a park, in the woods, anywhere you could imagine.


Photohunt Lugano

Photo-Hunt is an interactive game in which participants, divided into teams, receive photographs of some Lugano city details, some of which are easy to locate, others more difficult.



Canyoning in Ticino. The rather small but absolutely unique Ticino canton in Switzerland will offer you a great and unforgettable experience in its world famous canyoning paradise!


Raft Building

Building a raft might seem like an easy task, but it is important to coordinate the work, to help each other and to find the best solutions in order to assemble a solid structure.


Safe Driving

Safety on the road is a priority for all drivers. Knowing how a car will react, what to expect, and how to cope in an emergency is of the greatest importance for avoiding accidents or at the very least coming through them with as little damage as possible.


Seven Wonders - Tasting Experience

A journey of tastes and flavors on the banks of the Ceresio.
Discover meats, fish, cheeses and wines from the region.


Sightseeing and helicopter flights

The first flights arouse great emotion among passengers because of the uniqueness of the regions flown over, extending from the large lakes to the pre-alpine area and the Alps.


Stand Up Paddling

Stand Up Paddling is one of the best way to enjoy Lugano's lake.It is easy, relaxing and for everyone. Bring your social group, employees or team closer together through laughter and challenge.

Team Building Programme in Malcantone

Team building sessions are memorable company events. Let Andrea Abate from Travel & More organise highly enjoyable team building sessions in Malcantone in Ticino.


Team Building Survival

The whole activity will fortunately be just a simulation, very close to the reality, due to test the team spirit, stress management and various team working dynamics.


Thrilling Evening

Enjoy the suspense and fun of a thrilling dinner. Invite yourself to witness the last gasp of our fictitious murder victim, decipher the clues and solve the mystery.


Ticino Adventures

Our Ticino base is located in Cresciano.


Ticino River Lodge

Ticino River Lodge offers the first fishing guides service in the canton of Ticino.


Typical Ticinese Evening in a Grotto

Nothing is more typical for an evening in the region of Lake Lugano than a couple of hours spent in a grotto, a simple tavern in quiet places, hidden by the shade of large trees.


Wellness & Relax

Holidays are never long enough. Therefore, make the most out of a short stay and enjoy vacation filled with relaxation and wellbeing.


Wine and Gourmet Tour

Andrea Abate at Travel & More would be delighted to organise an enjoyable gourmet and wine tour around the most beautiful places in Ticino’s gastronomic and cultural scene for you.


Wine Tasting

Tastings and guided tours are offered by about 30 wineries across the Lake Lugano region. Some of them are located in traditional cellars carved into the mountain rock, some in stylish new and more modern establishments, but equally enjoyable wineries.