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Claudio Hermani comes from Lugano, but speaks English perfectly, having lived and studied in Vancouver, B.C. He shows you “his” Ticino as he would to a group of friends, eight at the maximum.

You stay at the B&B Flora, in Agra, where you’ll feel like part of the family; you walk beautiful, scenic paths, visit museums and the atelier of a local artist. We go to the outdoor market accompanied by a TV cook in the morning and using our fresh purchases, prepare a great meal with him that evening. More typical food awaits us in various memorable places: at an authentic grotto right on the Maggia River, in a countryside barn, but also in elegant restaurants, always away from the tourist crowds.

And as the local Merlot is certainly worth investigating, we visit vineyards and cellars where winemakers explain how their best bottles came to be. “Guests spend five days without any worries – the path through the woods is the right one, tickets to shows are reserved, we are expected at museums and welcomed with open arms by owners of fine establishments. On our trips, we become a group of friends having such fun together that many guests come back, as they realize that there is much more of Ticino to be discovered!”


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