Palazzo dei Congressi

The Convention Centre rooms are modular: they can be used as a single space, or be divided into smaller sections for workshops and seminars. The spacious foyers provide an ideal setting for exhibitions and receptions. An internal passage connects the Convention Centre to Villa Ciani, where you can host exhibitions and conferences in addition to your main event.

The venue is also connected to Ristorante Ciani Lugano, whose spaces can host receptions and coffee-breaks.

The congress complex is entirely covered by WiFi and is fully air-conditioned. As one of the leading centres at both National and European level, the Convention Centre has the high quality technical equipment you may need for your event.

Lugano Convention & Exhibition provides a list of useful contacts for services that may complement your event, including furniture and decorations, audio and video technology, catering and security services and hostesses.

  1. Contact / Address

Room Name


Room A

1150m2 1130

Room B

830m2 38 x 22 550 300 700 1000

Room C

110m2 18 x 6 100 50 80 110

Room D

26m2 6.5 x 4 25 20 20 26

Room E

108m2 14.5 x 7.5 100 75 70 100

Room H

36m2 9x4 30 28 Upon request 36


1353m2 400 1200