Convento Santa Maria dei Frati Cappuccini

First among the Capuccin monasteries in Switzerland, the Bigorio monastery was founded in 1535.

it into an open centre in the spirit of Franciscan hospitality. Surrounded by chestnut trees, on a terrace at 728 m above sea level, in silence and framed by nature, groups will find the atmosphere ideal for pursuing their activities: seminars, courses, study days, etc.

Available to participants: accommodation in the ancient cells once used by the monks, the chapel, the church, the museum, the cloister and a stunning garden. 25 cells (bedrooms) available.

  1. Contact / Address

    Convento Santa Maria dei Frati Cappuccini
    Sala Capriasca
    6954 Bigorio
    +41 91 943 12 22

    Fra Roberto

Room Name



40m2 10 x 4 40 30 40


35m2 9 x 3.8 40 30 40


32m2 8.2 x 3.9 20 15