Cantina Sociale Mendrisio

This bounteous land has a climate that favours the natural ripening of grapes. The striking rows and terraces of the vineyards help to create breath taking landscapes of rare beauty.

It is the only cooperative in the Canton of Ticino. Many of the members work in the Mendrisiotto area, but there are also important winemakers in Riviera and the Blenio Valley. Passion, dedication during the production process and environmentally friendly cultivation methods which also focus on the landscape give that local touch with is so important and sought after nowadays.

The general movement on the market is towards increasing reliance on products which make wholesomeness and quality craftsmanship their main selling point. In a world which has been overwhelmed in recent years by the mass offer of soulless globalized products with standardized flavours and offers, right now there is a genuine quest to find specific characteristics that stand for a certain know-how, true quality that is achieved thanks to expertise and skill in the selection of raw materials and in the working processes.

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    Cantina Sociale Mendrisio
    Via Bernasconi, 22
    6850 Mendrisio
    +41 91 646 46 21

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