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Rondina SA

The little jewel created by Daniela Rondina and for forty years under the arcades of via Nassa.

Walking through the exclusive Via Nassa in Lugano, we come across the elegant Rondina boutique, a jewelry store run by Daniela Rondina with passion and love since 1983.

The wonderful showcases immediately capture our attention, leaving us enchanted to contemplate those unique jewels, forged with skill and elegance.

Jewels made using the various colors of gold and a wide range of stones: from the most classic diamond to the most sought-after precious and semi-precious stones, with a thousand colors characterized by particular cuts.

Daniela selects the jewels she proposes with taste and refinement. She combines the most traditional jewels with wisdom and elegance with the creations of her daughter Melania Crocco, creator of unique jewels with fluid shapes and made drawing inspiration from the Far East and using precious stones and metals in an original and always innovative way.

She also offers the various collections of Crivelli, Dreamboule, Le Sibille, Wendy You and many others.

For forty years, this small boutique has been offering a personalized and made-to-measure service to its customers, with a vast range of proposals for women and men that are always updated with the latest trends.


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