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Nellimya Arthouse

Light + land art exhibitions

The historic exhibition venue in Piazza Riforma – currently closed due to the sale of the Federal Building – has been for years a space devoted mainly to Light Art: art that uses light as an essential fulcrum of an aesthetic and conceptual communication.

The new fitting space, designed by the Nellimya architecture studio, is located in the green forest of Malcantone, in Aranno.

In this house, light is life, breath, creation, contemporaneity, sharing, growth, hope, experience, work, friendship and hospitality, even for artists in residence. The works of Light Art and Land Art are a flagship, in synergy and communion with each other because they taste (interpreto giusto?) of sun and nature, as of earth and sky. Here artists, collectors, art lovers, relatives, friends, people passing by are welcome, because those who live in this house feed on company and exchange of ideas. The artists in exhibition are selected from the national and international scene, and they are chosen for elective affinity.

Nellimya Arthouse also hosts various associations that offer courses, cultural meetings and seminars for personal growth: Aranno LandArt (, Rosa delle Donne ( and Sette Riti Tibetani Elisir (


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    Nellimya: light art exhibition
    Via Ur Stradón 11
    6994 Aranno
    +41 79 354 14 35
    +41 79 744 32 54

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    Open all year
    By appointment

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    Free entry

  4. Access to the disabled
    • Inaccessible by wheelchair, but is accessible to persons with mobility impairments (C)
    • Accessible to persons with mobility problems, with difficulty (D)