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Grand Café Al Porto

The attractive display windows and tempting counter of the Confiserie Al Porto are set in between the history-laden walls of the Grand Café.

The famous hand-made baked goods, pastries and confectionery specialities attract the attention of passers-by and guests, inviting them to try one of these delicate creations. Unmistakable pastry creations, delicious cakes, melt-in-your-mouth pralines, specialities such as the traditional panettone or amaretti biscuits; either plain or with delicious fillings flavoured with kirsch, rum, orange or vanilla, the Truffes d'Or, which have won prizes, Grand Cru chocolate, and a wide range of traditional and specialty breads and, to top it all, gifts that are lovingly and creatively wrapped for surprising a loved one or just for yourself.


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  1. Contact

    Grand Café Al Porto
    Via Pessina 3
    6900 Lugano
    +41 91 910 51 31
    Fax +41 91 910 51 33

  2. Opening

    Open on

    08:00 - 18:30