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Museo in Erba

Unique educational museum designed to help children discover art through play, with exhibitions and workshops.

The only children's museum in Ticino where art is discovered while playing.

The “Museo in erba” brings children closer to the world of art and stimulates their creativity through a playful and educational approach at the same time. In collaboration with the Centre Pompidou Paris - Jeune Public, and other important Swiss and international realities, it offers interactive exhibitions and workshops for children aged 4 to 11 years.

With a unique exhibition space in Ticino, the "Museo in erba" is the right place where to learn about artists and movements and where to express emotions with colors, both with the family and with the school. Even the youngest (2/3 year olds) with their parents take their first steps in the world of art thanks to the "Baby atelier".

21.3. – 30.8. 2020

An interactive exhibition between nature, architecture and ecology.

Children are welcomed in a magical landscape with meadows, blue skies and discover, through playful moments, stories of architects, monuments, squares and utopian buildings.

In the last part of the tour we suggest small simple daily gestures to be shared with the family to contribute to the protection of our planet.

In collaboration with: Espace des inventions, Lausanne and Bruna Ferrazzini.


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  1. Contact
  2. Opening

    Open all year
    Open all days
    Mo-Fr 08:30 - 11:30/ 13:30- 16:30
    Sa-Su 14:00 - 17:00

    Bank holidays closed

    School holidays from 22 June to 31 July 2020
    Tu-Th 09:00 - 12:00

    01.08- 16.08.2020 closed
    23-24.12 and 31.12 closed
    Cantonal holiday closed

    Opening upon request for groups

  3. Prices

    Entrance CHF 5.-
    Agreement with Museums Passport, Raiffeisen Cards and BancaStato

    Workshops CHF 20.-

  4. Access to the disabled
    • Stair free entrance