Family Adventures

 Are you looking for an outdoor adventure? Wait… does he want to visit the city museum? And she wants to go spend the day at the water park? But it is lunch time, so you’re thinking of buying some delicious local products and enjoy a picnic in the park… relax! It’s not easy to plan a family vacation, as we all know.

We need ideas that inspire, excite and entertain so many different people at any one time. Fortunately, the Region of Lugano offers adventure, sports, nature and landscapes everywhere. Browse our best suggestions for a family holiday or to entertain young students visiting the region.


Learning Experiences

Art, history, nature, tradition… the Lugano of Region offers countless ideas for educational visits, which are both engaging and exciting and leave a lasting impression on the students.

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How we came up with these itineraries

They are the result of a collaboration with class 4B of the Primary School of Taverne, Lugano. For one year the nineteen students, together with their teachers Pamela and Elena, organized some adventurous tours discovering the Region of Lugano.

With the help of their friend Zefiro – an imaginary eagle that knocked on their window in search of help – they have gone through 8 itineraries, specifically designed for children, families and schools interested in learning about aspects of the region, from a naturalistic, cultural and historical point of view.


A 360° panorama from the Top of Monte San Salvatore

Lugano – Monte San Salvatore – Carona – Parco San Grato


A day in Capriasca

Tesserete - Cagiallo - Lugaggia - Vaglio - Sala Capriasca


Denti della Vecchia among meadows and forests

Lugano – Cimadera – Capanna Pairolo


Family and cooking tour

A tasty Ticino travel experience! Together with your local guide you will live unforgettable moments for the whole family!


Family move and cook

A dynamic, healthy and fun way to visit the city combining the pleasure of walking with physical exercise and culinary art.


Flavours on the Lakefront

Lugano – Caslano – Museo della Pesca – Alprose


From the gleaming Mine to the gentle Lamas

Lugano – Ponte Tresa – Sessa – Astano – Novaggio

Brè s/Lugano

Full-sized wonders to miniature marvels

Lugano – Monte Brè – Swissminiatur

Brè s/Lugano

Monte Brè, impressive views reflected in blue waters

Lugano – Monte Brè – Cureggia

Monte Generoso

Monte Generoso: panorama, architecture and nature

Lugano – Capolago – Monte Generoso

Brusino Arsizio

Monte San Giorgio: a jump in the past

Lugano – Brusino – Monte San Giorgio – Tremona


The conquest of Monte Lema on the way of alpine pastures

Miglieglia – Monte Lema – Alpe Cima Pianca


The wonders of Ceresio

Lugano – Gandria


Water games & fun at Splash & Spa and Tamaro Park

A perfect fun-filled day out, among water pools and unspoilt nature.