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Unusual Experiences

Lugano Region might be a small destination, but it is a gold mine when it comes to unique and unusual experiences. Blessed with a variety of landscapes and attractions for every taste and occasion, you're sure to satisfy the cravings of your inner adventurer.

We've picked some of the best fun things to do in Lugano Region, so take a look, get inspired and start planning your unforgettable Holiday.


Balloon Flights

As swift as the wind, our hot-air balloons travel through the invisible currents of the atmosphere giving you the opportunity to re-enact the flight adventures which the Montgolfier brothers began in 1783.


BBQ Boat

BBQ Boat where you can sizzle sausages over an open flame while floating in the water (what could go wrong?)


Boat & Choc

Fun workshop where you will become maitre chocolatier!


Cruise & Cook

During a charming cruise on lake Lugano, you will stop on the opposite shore to enjoy a drink on a terrace with a wonderful view of the city.


FlyTicino – Paragliding tandem flights in Ticino

FlyTicino organizes wonderful tandem paragliding flights in Ticino!


Foxtrail Lugano

This enthralling game is aimed at couples, families with children aged 8 and above, groups of friends or corporate excursions.


Explore Switzerland in virtual reality with “SBB VR” and win fantastic prizes.


Sessa gold mine

A wreath of experience and history.


Transfinity Entertainment Center

Transfinity VR Entertainment Center in Lugano is the first Virtual Reality Arcade in Switzerland and one of the few in Europe; at Transfinity you will be catapulted into another world and find it difficult to understand the boundaries between reality and virtual reality.


Yoga at the Bagno Pubblico

The wooden platform floating on the lake gets lathered with colourful mats.