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CNM - Club Nautico Morcote

During summer, the Club Nautico Morcote rents various boats, sailing or motor, with and without driving licence.

On board the sailing boat Jeanneau Sun 2000 you will discover the most suggestive corners of Lake Ceresio. Allow yourself a day of real relax, sunbathing or swimming in locations which are only reached by boat with or without crew.

Motor boats

  • Quicksilver 600, Mercury 115 cv engine, only with crew.
  • Conero Weekend, 25 cv engine, max 5 people, driving licence category M is obligatory
  • Conero Weekend 4 cv engine, max 5 people, without driving licence

Sailing boats

  • Jeanneau Sun 2000, max 5 people, category B driving licence is obligatory
  • Flying Junior, DERIVA, Max 2 people, without driving licence
  • Catamaran Top Cat max 2 people without licence

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  1. Contact

    CNM - Club Nautico Morcote
    Riva dal Fornell 3
    6922 Morcote
    +41 79 173 17 40