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Monte Tamaro – Chestnuts trail

While riding this circular route, you’ll be struck by the extensive chestnut forests and the epic appeal of majestic Monte Tamaro with its breath-taking panorama. You’ll also be full of admiration for nature’s handiwork which in the Maglio del Malcantone area is particularly enthralling.

Information for e-MTB: link to the map containing the positions of the charging stations along the route!
With indicative times adapted to the electric MTB.


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    Monte Tamaro SA
    Via Campagnole 6
    6802 Rivera
    +41 91 946 23 03

  2. Notes

    You are free to interrupt/deviate from the route as you wish but bear are in mind that not all the public transports lines transport MTB throughout the day. For the longer routes we advise you to consider staying overnight in the various lodgings scattered across the area, some of which are equipped with ad hoc services for the lovers of the two wheels.

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