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Riva San Vitale

Windsurf Club Riva San Vitale

Established in 1985, the Windsurf Club Riva San Vitale offers several outdoor leisure activities at the lake area known as “la Batüda”. You can practice Windsurf, SUP (Stand Up Paddle), or canoe. During the summer period, we offer several windsurf courses with qualified G+S instructors, as well as private lessons, at regular intervals.. All private lessons are available in Italian, English, French and German and are available for single participants and groups. For large groups, a reservation is needed, so that the availability of instructors can be ensured.

The conditions s are ideal for practicising water sports, with water temperatures reaching a peak of 28 degrees Celsius. A mild wind normally blows steadily from the south on most afternoons, perfect for learning to windsurf. Occasionally, strong winds will blow from the north, at which point the club closes, but experts are welcome to test the water with their own material. In August, an annual regatta takes place, followed by a barbecue open to everyone right on the edges of the lake in the evening. This meeting offers the possibility of practicing the skills acquired during the previous windsurfing days, at a non-competitive level. The regatta is suitable for any level, from beginners with only few days of practice to the more experienced windsurfers. Several categories compete during the afternoon; afterwards, the water is open to enjoy the windsurf navigation while waiting for dinner to be served.

Furthermore, many locations are explorable from the club’s little beach. For example, it is easy to navigate with the SUP and to explore the wonderful Riva San Vitale and Capolago longlake. On the opposite direction, one can easily reach the wooded shore in the direction of the beautiful Brusino village. It is therefore a good occasion to combine fun and sport and to go to the discovery of the “momò” branch of our wonderful lake. To carry out all those activities, no specific skills are needed. Everyone from children do adults, from beginners to experienced can partake in the proposed activities. Fun is guaranteed. Last but not least, our club is located in an optimal position to take a bath or to go swimming in the hottest hours of midday or in the evening hours, when the principal activities are terminated.

The Batüda team is waiting for you to spend an unforgettable day together in a place all to be discovered!


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  1. Contact

    Windsurf Club Riva San Vitale
    Ernesto Vassalli
    Via Ceresio 61
    6826 Riva San Vitale

  2. Opening

    Open all days
    From 13:30 to 18:00, depending on meteorological conditions.

  3. How to arrive

    The windsurf club Riva San Vitale is easily attainable from the Capolago-Riva San Vitale train station with a nice walk of approximately 20 minutes that passes near the 2 public beaches of Capolago and Riva San Vitale, the beautiful village long-lake near the historical old center where some important monuments can be visited and finally on the suggestive “via Ceresio” before arriving to the Club.

    Alternatively, there are some bus from the train station, in the direction of Brusino. There is a large parking lot 50 meters from the club.