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Denti della Vecchia

The Denti della Vecchia represents one of the historical places for Ticinese free climbing. Generations of climbers have taken turns exploring these local Dolomites of ours.

From Brè to Mount Boglia and then to Alpe Bolla, the subsoil is composed of siliceous calcareous rocks and dolomite of the Lower Jurassic. In the area of Denti della Vecchia a more ancient layer comes to the surface: that of the Upper Triassic, which is mainly constituted of dolmitic rock. Between Denti della Vecchia and the Pairolo Mountain Hut there are some “verrucan conglomerates”, which are even more ancient. The Gazzirola Massif is constituted by a crystalline base, made out of gneiss, that represents the most ancient outcrops of the Sottoceneri area.
On the valley floor of Val Colla there are rocks covered in sand, gravel and clays of ice age origin (ancient moraines).


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