We are happy to welcome and offer itineraries and services for e-bikers

Our tourist destination offers a range of routes for e-MTB divided into easy/medium and medium/difficult. Now everyone has the possibility to enjoy mountain biking thanks to assisted pedalling which allows you to have experiences that would be unthinkable with the mechanical version. Scenic routes and/or intriguing destinations become within everyone's reach. Awareness of one's limits allows safe venture into a diverse region. Challenges and stimuli await you.

Degrees of difficulty e-MTB



Explore the landscapes, riding away from city centers, pedaling your way through wild, untamed back country.


Mountain Biking, Lugano Region MTB Map


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Mountain Biking, Lugano Region MTB Map

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Mountain Biking, Lugano Region MTB Map

Cycling in Switzerland

The 5 most beautiful MTB circuits in Switzerland: Lugano Bike (pg. 32)


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e-MTB guided tour

e-MTB guided excursions and experiences

Here a selection of some e-MTB guided excursions and experiences you can choose from!



e-MTB guided tour

e-MTB guided excursions and experiences

Here a selection of some e-MTB guided excursions and experiences you can choose from!




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To allow e-MTB recharging, several charging stations have been installed all over the territory.

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e-MTB trails

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e-MTB - Ponte Tresa - Monte Brè - Lugano - Morcote

Lugano e-MTB Tour

A regional itinerary for e-MTB lovers, which allows you to stay within your limits while still enjoying the excitement of the MTB. The route winds its way through the countryside around Lugano, offering spectacular views. There are several charging stations along the way.

Length 230.8 km
Duration 26 h 23'
Height difference 7663 m
Requirements medium
Conditions easy, difficult
e-MTB - Ponte Tresa - Bedigliora - Castelrotto - Sessa - Astano - Novaggio - Miglieglia

Stage 1: Ponte Tresa-Miglieglia

Welcome to Lugano! Transfer from Lugano station to Ponte Tresa on the FLP train.

Length 37.2 km
Duration 4 h 40'
Height difference 1386 m
Requirements medium
Conditions medium
e-MTB - Miglieglia - Maglio del Malcantone - Arosio - Cademario - Caslano - Agno - Rivera

Stage 2: Miglieglia-Rivera

Procceding on hard ground (excluding the Tortoglio-Cassinelle section) from Miglieglia to Maglio del Malcantone, which is used as a museum and is located in an idyllic area with several waterfalls.

Length 53.1 km
Duration 5 h
Height difference 1135 m
Requirements medium
Conditions easy
e-MTB - Rivera - Cima di Medeglia - Isone - Gola di Lago - Capanna Monte Bar

Stage 3: Rivera-Capanna Monte Bar

To the most scenic stage! At Rivera you climb initially in the direction of Monte Ceneri along the circular cross-country route.

Length 38.4 km
Duration 6 h 20'
Height difference 2275 m
Requirements medium
Conditions medium
e-MTB - Capanna Monte Bar - Corticiasca - Bogno - San Lucio - Pairolo - Monte Roveraccio - Cadro - Capanna Alpe Bolla

Stage 4: Capanna Monte Bar–Capanna Alpe Bolla

From Capanna Monte Bar as far as Corticiasca there are alternating panoramic paved and unpaved roads, as far as Bogno you cycle along the cantonal road that crosses characteristic villages of the valley.

Length 50.45 km
Duration 6 h
Height difference 1962 m
Requirements medium
Conditions medium
e-MTB - Capanna Alpe Bolla - Monte Brè - Lugano - Melide - Parco San Grato - Carona - Morcote

Stage 5: Capanna Alpe Bolla-Morcote

To the characteristic village of Brè, you can take a track through the woods where single-track, dirt road and paved road alternate.

Length 51.6 km
Duration 4 h 30'
Height difference 1019 m
Requirements medium
Conditions easy


More than 370 km of marked and carefully maintained trails give bikers total freedom to stay in contact with nature. It doesn't really matter much if you go up rough mountain paths or follow well marked circuits, every single Bike itinerary will satisfy your highest expectations.


Trail tolerance

The trails are used by both hikers and cyclists! Hikers have right of way!

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