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The orienteering expert loves to move in the silence of the forests and into difficult territory away from the general public and from the overcrowded stadium. Nature is his world, map and compass are his tools. The orienteering has its origins in the vast Scandinavian forests in the Nordic countries. Combining mental and tactical racing is a discipline that particularly challenges physical condition and mental preparation.

The aim of orienteering is to precisely locate defined stations by choosing the best way to reach the end as quickly as possible. Today, the experts of this discipline have avant-garde cartographic material. The competitions are divided into different classes of age and performance. It is a sport that the whole family can enjoy.

Route A - Tesserete-Capriasca

  • Experts
  • 6.6 km long
  • Vertical drop 290 m
  • Difficult

For orienteers who love adventure and sports.

Download route map A

Route B - Tesserete-Capriasca

  • Beginners
  • 5 km long
  • Vertical drop 210 m
  • Average-Difficult

For sportspeople/walkers who want to know best orienteering.

Download route map B

Route C - Tesserete-Capriasca

  • Beginners
  • 3.8 km long
  • Vertical drop 130 m
  • Easy

For sportspeople/walkers who want to discover orienteering.

Download route map C

Route D - Tesserete-Capriasca

  • Sportspeople
  • 4.1 km long
  • Vertical drop 130 m
  • Average-Difficult

For athletes who prefer fast running in open areas.

Download route map D

Route E - Tesserete-Capriasca

  • Families
  • 2.7 km long
  • Vertical drop 80 m
  • Average

For families or groups exploring the countryside and the heart of Capriasca.

Download route map E

Route F - Tesserete-Capriasca

  • Schools
  • 1.3 km long
  • Vertical drop 30 m
  • Easy

Suitable for children and young people in search of adventure.

Download route map F