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Publibike – Bike Sharing – Melide – Bissone – Melide

The dam bridge: Melide – Bissone

The Melide dam bridge, an important communication route between northern and southern Europe, built on a natural moraine that approaches the opposite shore.

The first stage was finished in 1847, then crossed by railway in 1874 and finally by road in 1970. The cycle route connects two historic and characteristic villages with fascinating walks (lakeside) directly on the lake. In Melide we find the famous “Swissminiatur” park and in both villages (Bissone and Melide) there's a lido on either bank of the bridge. It can also be reached with a fascinating sightseeing boat trip.


4.46 km

Height difference

Salita/Aufstieg/Ascension/Ascent: 45 m
Discesa/Abstieg/Descente/Descent: 45 m
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  1. Notes

    Little motorized traffic.

    Presence of dirt ground.

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