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Road cycling – Lugano – Morcote – Caslano – Miglieglia – Tesserete – Monte Bar – Monte Brè – Lugano

Lugano Road Bike Tour

A circular itinerary proposed in three stages, to discover this varied territory surrounded by nature.

3 stages

It extends  as high as possible in the region, on roads with moderate traffic. A single tour to discover some of the most exciting places in the area of Lugano that can be reached on your road bike’s saddle! From palm trees and the Lugano Lake, up to the hill or to mountain roads passing by some of the most beautiful viewpoints. It is an engaging and enriching experience.

Alpe Rompiago — Caution: presence of protection dogs in the area.


160.4 km

Height difference

Lugano – Monte Brè: 4321 m
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Lugano – Monte Brè: 15 h 15'



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