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Ready for Valcolla, the highest and wildest point around the city?

Then let’s set off! From the Lugano Lido, we climb the slopes of Monte Bré, enjoying the spectacular view over the gulf. A few kilometres onward and we’re heading back down to the sunny residential areas that provide access to Sonvico, where wooded roads await at the foot of the majestic Denti della Vecchia and Cima di Fojorina. Not bad eh? And we’re only halfway!


  • Lido di Lugano 
  • Castagnola 
  • Ruvigliana 
  • Albonago 
  • Viganello 
  • Pregassona 
  • Davesco 
  • Cadro 
  • Sonvico 
  • Bogno 
  • Scareglia 
  • Bidogno 
  • Tesserete 
  • Vaglio 
  • Origlio 
  • Cureglia 
  • Comano 
  • Canobbio 
  • Cornaredo 
  • Lido di Lugano



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    Fuel stations: Short tour with frequent fuel stations.