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Alpine passes (San Bernardino-Lucomagno)

Head for heights? This is the route for you!

Once at the Castles of Bellinzona, the road heads towards Val Mesolcina which leads to the famous old panoramic road to San Bernardino. We will continue along Laghetto Moseola into the heart of Grisons where the Surselva region and the Val Medel await us at the foot of the glacier. Then crossing the Lucomagno pass we return towards Valle di Blenio.


  • Manno (distributore ENI)
  • (A2-Bellinzona) 
  • (A13-Roveredo) 
  • Mesocco 
  • San Bernardino 
  • Passo del San Bernardino 
  • Andeer 
  • Bonaduz 
  • Ilanz 
  • Disentis
  • Passo del Lucomagno 
  • Acquarossa 
  • Biasca 
  • Preonzo (A2-Bellinzona) 
  • Manno (distributore ENI)


Section 01: Manno – San Bernardino = 70 km
Section 02: San Bernardino – Bonaduz = 66 km
Section 03: Bonaduz – Disentis = 51 km
Section 04: Disentis – Biasca = 61 km
Section 05: Biasca – Manno = 47 km
Total route = 295 km

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San Bernardino - Bonaduz – Disentis – Curaglia – Acquarossa – Bellinzona Nord



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