Top events 2021

Da Vinci Experience

01 March - 30 May 2021

Da Vinci Experience, the new interactive multimedia exhibition conceived to tell the story of Leonardo's genius. Da Vinci Experience is a complete exhibition that exalts his genius and recounts his engineering, anatomical and artistic insights.


Kakemono. Five centuries of Japanese paintings, the Perino Collection.

01 March - 11 April 2021

In Japanese tradition, kakemono are vertical paintings on paper or silk. These scrolls are kept rolled up or hung in houses, following the time of year or the various occasions.


Vincenzo Vicari Photographer

01 March - 18 April 2021

Ticino in the tide of change


Lema Trail

25 April 2021

The second edition of the Lema Trail, a beautiful uphill race that will take you from the pretty village of Miglieglia in Malcantone to the summit of Monte Lema.


Nicolas Party

09 May - 07 November 2021

The exhibition at MASI dedicated to Nicolas Party presents a selection of pastel paintings and sculptures, created between 2013 and today and will be presented in an environment transformed by the artist through large site-specific mural paintings.


Tamaro Vertical

30 May 2021

The first edition of Tamaro Vertical on Sunday 30 May will take you from the Splash & Spa car park in Rivera to the summit, beyond Alpe Foppa, passing through the woods along a challenging path that will satisfy the needs of even the most experienced runners.


Festival LuganoTango

02 - 06 June 2021

The 17th edition of the Festival has again obtained, as a prestigious recognition, the patronage of the Argentine Republic, through its Ambassador in Bern, and the sponsorship of the City of Lugano.


Summer Jamboree on the Lake!

03 - 06 June 2021

The music and culture of 40s and 50s America. International festival.



28 - 29 August 2021

An event that is synonymous to enthusiasm, solidarity, health, friendship and well-being. An appointment that is not to be missed by the people of Lugano and visitors. This is a great week-end even for families and sports fans.


Ti-Tattoo Convention

03 - 05 September 2021

Event at the 21st Edition. 140 between the best tattoo artists in the world will show their artistic abilities and the new techniques of the body art to the public of Ticino and outside the country.


Lugano PasSteggia

05 September 2021

Lugano PasSteggia, the food and wine tasting event promoted by the city of Lugano, will reach in 2021 its eighth edition, planned for Sunday, September 5th.


Urban Short Race

25 - 26 September 2021

During the Urban short track competition of the PROFFIX Swiss Bike Cup, the best mountain bike cyclists of the Juniori, U23 and Elite categories will compete in the center of Lugano.


Lugano Bike Emotions

25 - 26 September 2021

DATES NOT YET CONFIRMED. A Swiss event, which in its Luganese leg takes place in the city centre. It’s a challenge between the best bicycle, e-bike and Mountainbike athletes that’s bound to become a thrilling event to watch.