Whether under the arcades or in the piazzas, on the lakeside or in the courtyards of the palaces, the city of Lugano knows how to offer glimpses of ancient splendour mixed with places of inspiration for lovers of urban life on a human scale.

The city centre is animated by the liveliness of the many shops that line the sides of the streets and the numerous cafés and aperitif bars in the piazzas. Amidst small boutiques, artisanal jewellers, art galleries, antique shops, haute couture boutiques, as well as delicatessens, grocery shops and pastry shops, Lugano knows how to surprise with very picturesque corners and opportunities for very interesting discoveries.

Just a stone's throw from the centre, overlooking the lake, is Parco Ciani: with its mixed style of classic Italian and English gardens, among large flowerbeds, green grass patches and groves of exotic and local plants. At its end, the Cassarate river flows into the lake, in an area that is particularly popular in summer, thanks to youthful pop-up bars it becomes a meeting place for locals and visitors.

Lugano is a small city nestled between the lake and its sharp mountains; a meeting place between Swiss and Mediterranean cultures; on a human scale, but with an international outlook; with a mild climate all year round, but views and moods that follow the changing seasons. It is simply the perfect destination for those who seek the liveliness of an urban setting yet close to nature. 



A Swiss holiday wouldn’t be complete without a spot of shopping! Sure enough, Lugano boasts a thriving array of shops lining the city’s ancient streets. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re likely to find it here.


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