108 and CT: AL-TO


AL-TO – 2020

The two renowned Italian and international artists worked on two walls of the Conza Pavilion (Campo Marzio side) to create two closely interconnected works.

For quite some time, the two artists have been developing a common project: art interventions that dialogue, speak with each other, confront each other, without ever totally merging with each other. In fact, there are many points of contact between them: in addition to the abstract and minimalist approach and the precious synergies of shapes and colours, they share a particular awareness for the search of essence and formal harmony. They are both far from the pop world and they carry on an intimate and deep research, a free and almost total immersion in shapes and colours. The individual path of each artist, however, always remains distinct: the organic, soft and mostly deeply black shapes of 108, combine with the clearer, more rigorous and geometric shapes of CT.

The two works come together to form what can be defined as a single but double work, able to encompass all the complexity of two personal approaches in dialogue and in constant “exchange” with the surface on which they intervene and with the surrounding environment.

Padiglione Conza (lato Campo Marzio), 6900 Lugano

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