Iridescent Jellyfish


Iridescent Jellyfish – 2020

Knowing that aesthetic improvement contributes to greater care and attention of those who live in the city, Luigi Tunesi Ingegneria SA has promoted an artistic initiative on the walls of its offices in via Fola in Lugano.

As such, a competition was launched directly by the studio in June 2020 and the artists were invited to submit projects related to the theme of water. The jury designated the project by L7matrix, a Brazilian artist currently living in Ticino, as the winner.

The preparation work for the wall took place from 21 to 25 September 2020 and the work was carried out between 28 and 30 September. Iridescent jellyfish are a source of great inspiration for L7matrix who, in his work, manages to capture their movement through colours, translucency and changes in tone in its multiple aspects and forms. The black or dark blue background enhances the contrast of the fluorescent and iridescent colours, enhancing their tones as in the deep ocean where, in the darkest corners, we can find luminescent creatures that are able to feed and survive thanks to their own light. The artist used spray cans and iridescent and interference acrylic paint: in this way, by changing the perspective from which the work is viewed, the range of colours perceptible to the eye also changes.

The work can also be seen during the evening hours (until midnight) thanks to LED lighting created by Luigi Tunesi Ingegneria SA.

Street Art Competition organized by Luigi Tunesi Ingegneria SA Created: Between 21 and 30 September 2020 Curated by Luigi Tunesi Ingegneria SA

Via Fola 12, 6900 Lugano

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