Antoine Déprez and Ursula Bucher: Il trio spodestato


Il trio spodestato – 2022

Antoine Déprez and Ursula Bucher are a couple of local artists, who will create an artistic work on a perimeter wall of the Lugano Lido, next to Studio Foce. With their work, Déprez and Bucher invite the public to reflect on the ambivalent perception that remains towards nature: the protagonists of the mural are three symbols of the ancient European bestiary, namely bear, wolf and crow. Sovereigns of nature and synonymous with freedom, these animals have often found themselves acting as catalysts for the wildest and sometimes darkest nature of human beings. Over the years, however, they have been ousted from their role to be progressively replaced with the lion, the dog and the eagle: animals more distant from European man or more docile and tameable. One could imagine it was a remote operation, an attempt to eradicate man from the ancient beliefs that kept him closely anchored to nature. To face his fears, European man has in fact always tried to control nature by acting directly on it, with the hope, perhaps, of removing or controlling at the same time also the wild and dark side that dwells right inside. self. In this work, therefore, the animals, representatives of nature, are angry, irritated, and their crowns have become traps. The work thus proposes a critical look to illustrate today's ambivalent and sometimes superficial vision that we can still nurture of the comparisons of nature.

Via Foce 1, 6900 Lugano

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