Swing the World, the panoramic swing on Monte Barro


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Swing the World is a project created with the aim of entertaining people in a creative way, stimulating them to spend time outside the home, having fun outdoors.

We handcraft swings and install them in places with spectacular views.

The locations selected can be breathtaking views, remote villages or natural attractions.

The swing creates a perfect setting for a fairytale image.

The elderly, these swings take our minds to get rid of all thoughts and enjoy the surrounding landscape.

Our instagram account name and hashtag are engraved on the swing, so those who take a picture on the swing will post it on instagram sharing it with us, thus creating a network of swings on the web!

In Indonesia, Bali is also remembered for its characteristic swings, placed in heavenly spots; aren't these little corners of paradise present in every country?

All that's left to do is follow Swing the World's swing path to discover them!


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