Adventure Park Monte Tamaro


The adventure park Monte Tamaro is a funny climbing trail between the trees that you find at the first stop of the cable car, the intermediate station. There are three different trails, each of them dedicated to a different target.

At the welcome point, located next to the snack bar, you can collect your equipment for the adventure park. After a short briefing, the adventure begins, you can swing through the woods like Tarzan and indulge in fun acrobatics. The Big Trail ends with the Tamaro Jump, a 15-metre jump. Adrenaline is guaranteed!

The Big Trail is ideal for adults and children from the age of 9 who already reached the minimum height of 1.40 m required. Children from 7 years old, with a minimum height of 1.20 m, and a maximum of 1.50 m, can do the Medium Trail. The youngest visitors, who are at least 4 years old and reach a minimum height of 1 m (maximum height of 1.30 m), can experience their adventure on the Mini Trail.

Safety is guaranteed! The adventure park Monte Tamaro is equipped with the Clic-it karabiner system, which does not allow you to completely disengage from the safety cables along the entire route. Appropriate shoes (trainers or walking shoes) are mandatory while the use of cycling gloves is recommended.

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