Aquatic Idyll


In Lugano, Kiki Skipi created an urban initiative in the historic centre as part of the LongLake Festival.

Kiki Skipi, born Chiara Pulselli, after obtaining her diploma at the socio-psycho-pedagogical of Oristano and after a parenthesis of 3 years in Milan where she studied photography, returned to Sardinia to enrol at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sassari. Here she realised that the drawing, painting and illustration allowed her to bring out her changeable personalities; many great and small women that start from the study of the self portrait but that now have a life of their own...sometimes they are childish other times more mature and reserved, but all always without a face, to give a more profound interpretation to the viewer so that he can identify with the depicted imagery.

Today she lives and works in Bologna. The work in Lugano, in line with Kiki's artistic journey, evokes an imaginary and fantastic universe, inhabited by faceless characters, and develops on two walls, which, located opposite each other, narrow the passage, thus wrapping the narrow alley. Passers-by can now literally feel immersed: it is in fact the lake world from which this enigmatic work is inspired. But the immersion alluded to going even deeper: for Kiki, who has always drawn, creating art is equivalent to going to the analyst. In fact, each time it is a question of sharing a profound introspective journey in search of oneself.

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