Church Santa Maria degli Angeli - Arch. Mario Botta


The Chiesa Santa Maria degli Angeli, built between 1992 and 1996 and designed by the world-famous architect Mario Botta, is an architectural marvel.

Its interior is adorned with paintings by Enzo Cucchi, an Italian artist, painter, and sculptor. The church, which was built in porphyry, is located on the edge of a slope, beyond which there is an extraordinary panoramic view. Guided tours of the Chiesa Santa Maria degli Angeli can be arranged.

After visiting the church, you can stretch your legs with a 20-minute walk that combines art and culture. In fact, the Chiesa Santa Maria degli Angeli is also the starting point of the Artistic Walk, a circular path surrounded by wonderful views, along which you will encounter sculptures by various artists.

Reachable on foot, cable car reopening to be defined.

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