Forging courses


Discover the magic of fire!

Blacksmithing is an ancient and prestigious craft once related to magic and mysticism, whose origins date back to the Neolithic period (around 6000 BC). Nowadays, however, this practice has become extremely rare.

To continue this ancient tradition that lives around the fire, we offer blacksmithing courses for small groups (1 to 3 people) in our workshop in Gravesano.

«This amazing experience with fire and metal takes you back to a different era. It makes you lose track of time and space. And, after a day in a forge, you emerge from another world where you can leave behind the hustle and bustle of daily life», guarantees Martin, recounting his own experience and those of other course participants.

The basic workshop does not require any specific knowledge. The course is suited to everybody since forging does not rely on strength but on feeling and sensitivity.

Sign up today to let the magic of fire inspire you.


  • CHF 250.– 1 day course
  • CHF 450.– 2 day course

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