Fortesa and Rina Softa (CH): Flux


Succeeds in integrating the building of Villa Carmine (headquarters of the Events and Congress Division of the City of Lugano) into the work and what goes on inside it: ideas and events. A project that intrigues, whose small coloured elements stimulate the eye, urging it to seek out and understand the other forms of the black and white design. On the left, from the corner to the central part where the opening is located, are visualisations of buildings and historical symbols of the city such as the LAC, the arcades, the funicular railway, the gate to the Ciani Park and the basilica. The part on the right is filled with the flow of ideas and activities that are created by the Events and Congress Division, these culminate with a light bulb, representing the final ideas.

Context: Longlake Festival

Realisation: Between 2 and 6 July 2018

Villa Carmine, 6900 Lugano

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